12.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı (Klasik)

12.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı (Klasik) sınavı 12.Sınıf kategorisinin İngilizce alt kategorisinin, 1 dönemine ait. Bu sınav Orta derecede zorluktadır. Toplamda 10 sorudan oluşmaktadır.

 12.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı (Klasik) CEVAPLARI

  1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word from the box below
    racism - deprive - inequality – refugee - paralyzed

    1) If you compare a violent society with relatively peaceful one, the single biggest difference is income………………………… .
    2) My mother was …………………………………… of an education while my uncles were  sent to school.
    3) Black people are imprisoned at five times the rate of white due to ……………………………… .
    4) A stroke turned his active 60-year-old father speechless and …………………………………… .
    5) People donate items of furniture to the society who then distributes them to ……………………………families.

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  3. Match the PROBLEMS with the SUGGESTIONS given below. 
    1) Domestic violence
    2) Gender difference
    3) Behaving badly towards the elderly
    4) Behaving badly towards the animals
    5) Income inequality

    a) Everyone deserves equal rights.
    b) Everybody has the duty of protecting the animals.
    c) Every child has the right to be loved and respected.
    d) Every government should do their best to prevent the unfair distribution of income.e. Everybody should respect the elderly.

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  5. Answer the questions below according to the essay!
    There are many reasons why people are born or may become disadvantaged. Therefore, there are various types of disadvantaged people or groups. Although it may seem to be a difficult problem to cope with, there are still solutions that can help with fixing some of the issues, at least partly. It is possible to help some people or groups that are disadvantaged, not to all, but we need to take action. The homeless are one of the groups that is open to help. We cannot host them in our homes or rent flats for them but we can give food, sleeping bags, etc. which will make things easier for them. Also municipalities can set up tents and accept donations to improve their conditions. Furthermore, used clothing items could be collected at a center and handed out to them. It is out of the question that thes will help them much. In conclusion, not all problems related to the disadvantaged can be solved. However, there are stil things to make things better, at least, for some of them

    1. There are many disadvantaged people aroundand and it is difficult to help them. ( ………………)
    2. The homeless are one of the groups that we can give food and sleeping bags. ( ………………)
    3. If you have used clothes items you have to donates them to municipalities. ( ……………)
    4. There are difficult problems for disadvantaged people but the solutions aren’t enough. ( ……………)
    5. According to the passage, the all problems of disadvantaged people can be solved. ( ………………)

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  7. Read the text and Answer the questions (Metni okuyup, soruları cevaplayınız)  
    Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It is also the largest city in Austria. İt is one of the nine states of Austria. Its population is about three million.Vienna is the cultural, economic, and political centre of Austria.Until the begining of the 20th century, it was the largest German- speaking city in the world.Vieanna is host to many international organizations, like the United nations and OPEC. The city is in the North-east of Austria.It is close to the borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Vienna is in North-eastern Austria. Its climate is somewhere between an oceanic climate and a continental climate.The city has warm summers with average temparatures of 22 to 26C. Winters are cold with average temperatures at about freezing point. There is snowfall from December to March. Spring and Autumn are cool to mild. The historic centre of Vienna has a lot of old building, like Baroque castles and monuments.Vienna attracts about  five million tourists a year.

    1) How many people live in Austria?___________________________________
    2) How many states are there in Austria?________________________________
    3) What is the climate like in Vienna?________________________________
    4) Is Vienna host to the United Nations?___________________________________
    5) Are there any baroque monuments in Vienna?______________________________

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  9. Match the statements with adjectives

    1.___arriving on time
    2.___task/assignment fulfillment
    3 ___.cooperation with friends
    4.___participation in class
    5.___respecting other students

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  11. - an official reference
    - animal rights
    - women’s rights
    - disadvantaged people/groups
    - children rights
    Match the paragraphs with the titles above

    The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is recognized and referred to as the official reference of human rights. It gives clear definitions of rights and freedoms through articles.__________________
    In order for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be adopted and applied, the existence of an independent state is vital. Take Syria, where humanity, in many aspects, have failed. Millions including women, children, old people, civilians have had to immigrate to neighboring countries, in particular Turkey only to be able to survive.___________________
    There are many other problems in other parts of the world, where there are no wars. Women are still not allowed to join some social activities in some countries, they cannot even vote.___________________
    Inequality in education of children is the main issue in developing and under-developed countries. Unemployment problem for the disabled and social security problems are also waiting to be resolved.______________________
    There are some experts and organizations that have been working day and night for arrangement of animal rights and fighting for environment._______________________

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  13. Match  the questions to their answers

    1.How is he?__
    2.What’s her hair like?__
    3.What kind of clothes does she usually wear?__
    4.How old is he?__
    5.What color is her hair?__
    6.How tall is he?__
    7.What does she look like?__
    8.What’s he like?__
    a. He’s in his thirties.
    b. She’s tall and of medium weight.
    c. He’s of medium height.
    d. He’s talkative and cheerful.
    e. Brown.
    f. It’s sort of shoulder length, fair and curly.
    g. Not casual. Smart. She has a lot of style.
    h. He’s fine.
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  15. Write 5 articles of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights 

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  17. Place the adjectives into the correct category

    Positive adjectives

    Negative adjectives

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  19. Circle the correct option

    1.- Hi David. We are going to the mountains Why do you/don’t we go together?
    2.-It’s a beautiful day. Let’s/What about go to the beach
    3.-It’s getting late. Why don’t we/How about taking a taxi
    4.-Our mother wants a new bag. What about to ask/asking father for help?
    5.-I’m bored. How about go/going to the football match this afternoon?
    6.- It’s rainy today. Why don’t/didn’t we watch a good film on TV?
    7.-You haven’t got a job. Why are/don’t you study some any foreign languages?
    8- What can we do this evening?Why don’t we/How about watch the match in my house?
    9- We all love Chinese food so Why don’t we/What about going the restaurant in Oxford Street.
    10- It’s warm and sunny; Why don’t we/What about go to the beach.
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12.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı (Klasik) sınavında hangi soru türleri kullanılmıştır?

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  • Boşluk Doldurma
  • Doğru-Yanlış
  • Eşleştirme
  • Klasik

12.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 2.Yazılı (Klasik) Hangi Kazanımları Kapsıyor?

Bu sınav ve tema ve kazanımlarını kapsamaktadır.
  • Human Rights
    1. Discussing problems
    2. Expressing ideas on human rights (gender equality, children rights?)
    3. Making suggestions
  • Coming Soon
    1. Expressing degrees of certainty and uncertainty
    2. Making predictions
    3. Receiving instructions about cyber games
  • Psychology
    1. Describing mood
    2. Following and giving instructions
    3. Making suggestions to change negative mood

Ayrıca 12.sınıf İngilizce 1.dönem 2.yazılı soruları; klasik türde müfredata uygun olarak açık uçlu sorulardan hazırlanmıştır etiketlerini kapsamaktadır.

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