2021-2022 10.Sınıf İngilizce Dersi 1.Dönem 1.Sınavları.

10.Sınıf ait İngilizce dersi için çalışma dosyları ve sınavlar. Bu bölümde 10.Sınıf İngilizce dersine ait yeni müfredat ve eski müfredat yazılı sorularına ulaşabilirsiniz. Altta verilen sınav listesinden istediğiniz sınava tıklayarak ücretsiz olarak 10.Sınıf İngilizce dersi 1.Dönem 1.Sınavını indirebilirsiniz.

10.Sınıf İngilizce 1.Dönem 1.Sınav İçin Eklenen Son Sorular

14 Ekim 2021  

I need to taka a bath. Because I need ..................... my body after long working hours.

A) refresh    B) burn    C) spot    D) suspect    E) hardened

14 Ekim 2021  

It's about the teach how to use computers.
Which the school subjetct is this?

A) Math                B) Infarmotion Tech.
C) English            D) Art
E) Science

14 Ekim 2021  

We always ............. at 20.00 with my family.

A) Dinner        B) Breakfast        C) Lunch
D) Meal           E) Sleep

14 Ekim 2021  

When does start your job at mornings?

A) It starts at 07.30 o'clock.
B) It ends at 12.20 o'clock.
C) It starts with lunch.
D) It's about the start dinner.
E) It's nearly finish at night.

14 Ekim 2021  

What is your aunt's name?

A) His name is Ali.            B) Her name is Meryem.
C) His name is Elif.           D) His thirty years old.
E) She live in İstanbul.

14 Ekim 2021  

What do you do for living?

A) I'm sleeping now.            B) I play computer games.
C) I'm working at hospital.   D) I'm bored to sitting.
E) I live with my parents.

14 Ekim 2021  

Where are living your parents?

A) They are living in France.
B) They are living nearly fifteen years.
C) They are still at park.
D) They both are jobless.
E) They are sitting at living room right now.

14 Ekim 2021  

Match the words with their Turkish meanings. (Kelimeleri Türkçe anlamları ile eşleştiriniz.)
a. Kaza    b. Bulut    c. Seçenek    d. Kum    e. İstasyon    f. Mükemmel    g. Koltuk    h. Zarf    ı. Seçmek    i. Perde

..... Option
..... Choose
..... Envelope
..... Armchair
..... Curtain
..... Excellent
..... Cloud
..... Sand
..... Crash
..... Station

14 Ekim 2021  

Hello, I’m Lottie. I’m ten years old. I live with my dad and my sister in England. I’m going to tell you about my dad. This is my dad. His name is Paul. He’s 46 years old. His hair is black and grey. He’s got green eyes. I’ve got green eyes too!
My dad gets up early most days. He makes our breakfast, and sometimes he takes me to school. My dad’s making my breakfast in this picture. My dad is a teacher. He doesn’t teach children. He teaches other people who work with him. Dad’s at work in this picture. My dad gets home at 5 o’clock.
Read the passage and answer the questions.

a. How old is Lottie?

b. What's name is Lottie's father?

c: Paul has got ....................... eyes.

d. What is job of Paul?

e. Lottie live his dad and ................

f. When Paul gets home?

14 Ekim 2021  

Hi. I’m Dino, the family dog. I help keep people safe, especially on the roads. Take a look at my diary to see what I did last week.

Some children really don’t think. Our neighbour’s boy ran in front of a car to get his ball. The car almost hit him. I saved him though. Remember, always look and listen.

Walking on the street at night can be very dangerous, especially if you wear dark clothes. Car drivers can’t see you very well, just like these two I had to take home. Luckily I never go out without my reflective jacket and collar. Remember, BE SEEN!

People can get very angry when driving, usually for silly reasons. One driver started shouting at Mum today when she stopped to let some children cross the road. I soon made him stop.

One thing makes me really mad. Grrrrrr. People walking on a dangerous road when they can walk on the safe pavement. I saw two girls doing that today but I soon made them change their minds.

Seat belts can save your life! I make sure everyone in our car wears their seat belt. If they forget, I soon remind them. Even I’ve got one.

I like Fridays. The roads are quieter. But you still have to be careful. I caught Dad talking on his mobile phone while driving. I soon stopped him though. Don’t worry, he got his phone back.

Today Mum took me for a walk. One car was parked in a very dangerous place. It was right on the corner of the street. Don’t worry though. I left him a message!

Read the passage and write true (T) or false (F).

(...) Dino is helping people especially on the roads.
(...) Dino always go out without revlective jacket and collar.
(...) At Fridays the roads more quiter then other days.
(...) Dino left a message at Sunday to a car.
(...) At Sunday Dino's neighbour's boy nearly hit by a car.
(...) Dino's said walking on the street at night can be very dangerous when you wear dark clothes.
(...) Dino is a police dog.
(...) Even Dino has seat belt.
(...) Dino like Fridays more then other days.
(...) At Saturday a car was parked in a very dangerous place.

14 Ekim 2021  

Translate the senteces below into Turkish. ( Aşağıda verilen cümleleri Türkçe'ye tercüme ediniz)

a. I don't hava any money.

b. You never understant me.

c. We usually getting out dinner at Saturdays.

d. Do you want anything else?

e. Can I borrow your phone?